Film production has become a part of people’s being without which they feel incomplete. For such amazing and multi talented entertainers film festivals bring out a great day to celebrate their success. This film fare award function connects various film makers, screen writers, artists and other people of same industry to enjoy their achievement and happiness together. Being an annual event, artists of various programs like short films, feature films and documentaries It is featuring the work of some talented film and video artists from filmmaking that includes various regions to encourage and motivate them for huge career.

Documentaries Entertainment clutches a huge significance in the society as it brings a strong bonding among the friends and families. It diverts people’s attention from their demanding life and provides them to spend a leisure time with their beloved ones. Cinematography, full fills the desires of the public by producing a high quality of entertainment with the production of films. Documentary films are non fictional motion pictures related to the real life history. With the intention of producing reality aspect it purposes education and maintaining a historical record. Such films apart from entertaining the audience helps to inform and educate fork by showing the achievements and social conventions of successful and dedicated people’s life.

Documentaries are inspiring several people in the current world with its excellence. It is a factual and authentic record of evidentiary reality of past ages. This connotation makes it necessary to approach documentary film a broader point of view focusing on almost every important aspects of life. Typically a documentary holds lower budget than other fictional, dramatic and narratives, nevertheless it makes a high profitability on the box office and film industry. Thus documentaries hold a wide significance in today’s society with charitable projects for audience.