Short film

A short film is a motion picture which is a series of still images running when displayed on the screen. It is something that is not long enough to be considered as a feature film. In this modern era both longer and shorter films are existing in similar popularity. Basically, short films are defined as an original motion picture running time of 40 minutes which is shorter than a feature film. Usually, they are funded by film grants, non profit organization or even personal funds. Generally, these are used by filmmakers to gain experience in order to prove their talent from private investors, film studios or any entertainment companies. However they are produced in large number when compared to feature films.

The production of such films includes various different genres within mainstream commercial distribution. Though short films are lower in status than the real feature movies, still they hold a strong popularity in the society and film industry. Some the genres are comedy, tragedy, romance, thriller, horror, cartoon and even more to gain the attention of the audience. Animated series are gaining a lot of attention. They are occasionally broadcasted when the feature films doesn’t fit the standards in cinemas.